Bushey and District Footpaths Association

BADFA is a Registered Charity committed to caring for public rights of way
Centred in Bushey, Hertfordshire, but taking a wide view. Incorporating Watford Fieldpath Association (Founded 1898)

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"It is the great beauty of the Law that it can dispute any human statement, made under any circumstance..."
The Woman in White, Wilkie Collins who had trained as a lawyer.

The Rule of Law

Contents (Note: the law here refers to England and Wales only)

1 Ownership of Paths Surface, 'Spits' & Toilets

2 'Creation' and 'Creation' Making public paths public

3 Widths How wide is a path?

4 Path structures: Gap Gate and Stile, which has some legal content.

5 Structures in orders - an inspector's view

6 Signposts

7 Maintenance of structures, whose job?

9 The use of Common Law for Abatement

12 'Significantly interferes' The Kidner case
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