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10. BADFA responds to Ramblers' Association consultation September 2007

9. BADFA's response to Defra's consultation on the right for landowners to apply for diversion or stopping-up August 2007
The Defra consultation document:
click here

8. Response to Defra consultation on registers of definitive map and joint orders. Jan 2005.

7. Common Agricultural Policy and rights of way consultation June 2004 BADFA's response

6. Crop Obstruction BADFA would like more direct action.

5. Secret Survey why does County keep it private?

4. BADFA's response to consultation on Crime Prevention on paths.

3. Feedback from this Web, what does it consist of?

2. Are these people more important? A question of priorities.

1. Foot and Mouth, some thoughts on this episode in Hertfordshire.


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