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A pilot scheme in South West Hertfordshire

Some of the working party 1

Some path user groups tried a pilot scheme in SW Herts, with a handful of people given maps and charged with nagging everyone to mark the map with all routes used, especially everyday routes not yet on the map. They had the benefit of the Watford Fieldpath Associationís historic records from 1899 to 1908 and beyond, which had been digitised for easy access.

The aims were:
# to deal with a large and diverse enough area to allow some extrapolation to County level and, with greater uncertainty, to National level.
# to record in a consistent manner with path numbering based on administrative parishes and with appropriate recording of paths that cross parish boundaries.
# to get input from a wide range of people and organisations.
# having listed the paths then to proceed to get them recorded by any available means including dedication, creation agreement, deals (whether or not involving other paths) or the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 process.

Volunteers are sought for recording of these Lost/Unrecorded ways anywhere in south-west Herts. Initial contact to:
Chris Beney,  01932-211113
12 Woodlands Rd., BUSHEY, WD23 2LR
or (especially for equestrian routes) Phil Wadey,

We acknowledge with thanks donations from the Ramblers's Association Royston Group, the Bushey And District Footpaths Association and the Pittecroft Trust. And of the time, cost, and commitment of a group of dedicated individuals.

Some of the working party 2

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