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Significant Updates and New Pages
Date   Details and hyperlink


January17th Minor update to Maintaining Structures article.
January 6th Added rest of Walks programme 2016
October 27th Added gallery and gallery for Hemel walk
October 4th Added gallery for Ridgeway walk 10
July 8th Added gallery fotr Gorhambury walk
June 14th Added galllery for Ver Valley walk 3
May 26th Updated people page
May 10th Added gallery for Colne Valley walk 3
April 13th Added gallery for Ridgeway walk 9
March 30th Added Deregulation Act extract to Home Page and Law Page
March 30th  Removed AGM notice
March 8th Added gallery for Markyate and Caddington walk
Added AGM notice to homepage
Changed homepage slideshow
February Added gallery for Norman's Brown route walk
January Added gallery for new year's day walk
December Added walks programme for 2015
November 16th Added gallery for Colne Valley 2 Walk
Added report for Colne Valley 2 walk (3 issues)
Updated homepage slideshow
October 20th Added gallery for Merryhill and Grimsdyke walk
Updated homepage slideshow
October 5th Added gallery for Trees walk
September 24th Updated homepage slideshow
September 22nd Added gallery for Ridgeway walk 8
August 11th Updated homepage slideshow
August 6th Added gallery for start of Wheathampstead wallk
August 3rd Added directions for start of Wheathampstead wallk
July 27th Added gallery for Ver Valley 2 walk
July 13th Added gallery for Bushey Festival walk
July 6th Added gallery and report for May 28th Heartwood Forest walk
June 28th Added gallery for solstice walk and barbecue. Added barbecue to news page.
June 15th Added gallery for Capital Ring walk
May 21st Added Chris and Hazel Beney's photos to Berkhamsted gallery
May 19th Added gallery and information sheet for Berkhamsted walk
April 27th Added gallery for Ridgeway 7 walk
April 6th Added gallery for Hilfield Reservoir walk
Added brief Nightingale Lane update to News page
April 3rd Added 2014 News page and report on AGM
March 16th Added gallery for Gustard Wood walk
March 2nd Added gallery for Elstree walk
January 19th Added gallery for Munden walk
January 3rd Added OSS'  'Removing Path Paraphernalia' [author CB] to Path Structures section as external link was withdrawn.
January 1st Added gallery for New year's day walk
Added 2014 walk reports page
December 21st Added 2014 walks progamme
Added badfa emails for Paddy and Yvonne
Change pictures on homepage
December 15th Added gallery for Monkden Hadley Common December 15th walk
November 17th Added gallery for Abbots Langley November 17th walk
November 15th Added preview gallery of Abbots langley walk
October  20th Added gallery for Chess Valley October 20th walk
September 22nd Added gallery for Ridgeway 6 walk
September 1st Added gallery for Merry Hill September 1st walk
August 18th Added Gallery for Mad Bess Wood walk August 18th
August 11th Added Gallery for Colney Heath March 17th walk
Reversed order of walks on walks report page to put most recent at top
August 10th Added Gallery for Stanmore New year's walk
August 9th Added RdB's pictures to Gallery for Ver Valley walk
July 23rd Added link to facebook page on homepage
Added 2013 News page (only 7 months late)
July 14th Gallery for Festival walk 2013 added
July 10th More pictures added to Gallery for Ridgeway April 2013
July 6th Gallery for Ver Valley walk added
People page updated and photographs added
Gallery added for Solstice 2012 walk
Gallery added for Ridgeway September 2012 walk
May 31st Gallery for Merry Hill April 2013 inserted.
May 10th Home page bluebell walk picture inserted
March 11th Walks Programme published and in PDF


August 2012 Addition to Kidner Case
May 2012  
27 Added some pictures of Bedmond & Pimlico walk, 20th May 2012
24 English Nature refuses to correct their website
24 AGM 2012
April 2012  
26 Photos of April Ridgeway walk added
March 2012  
26 Comment added to 'Structures in orders'
26 Photos of 25th March walk
20 Photos of 19th February walk
Feb 2012  
6 Minor changes to two walks
Jan 2012  
27 Improved captions and navigation for Jan 1st walk
26 Added photos for Wembley to Euston walk
15 Draft 2012 walk programme
2 News, added photo of WFA files



Dec 2011  
2 Updated signpost and waymark page
Sept. 2011  
25 Watford Fieldpath material received from Watford Museum
25 Footnote to 25 January news re Woodland trust disabled access.
24 18 September Ridgeway walk photos added
6th Added older 22nd June walk photos
August 2011
9th Added link to County Officers by parish (map)
July 2011
21st Added three photos to Festival Walk report.  Changed Home Page photo.
18th Changed hint in red under page heading for keyboard method.
17th Added Festival Walk pictures
June 2011
26th Added walks pictures of Solestice and Box Moor orchid walks
16th Added picture to Grimsdyke walk
12th Report of Merryhill-Grimsdyke walk added
May 2011
31st Removed critique of Ramblers regarding signposting because they have improved their wording.
12th Brief AGM report
10th Added report of 8th May Heartwood Forest walk
April 2011
27th Added report of 27th April Bluebell walk
18th News item on Defra guidance for path structures
12th 10th April walk pictures added
February 2011
18th February's walk pictures added
January 2011
25th News. Woodland Trust abandons disabled access
23rd Walk report for 23rd January
20th News. BADFA 20th year list of achievements
19th 2011Walks List uploaded
18th Misc amendments consequential to Ann White relinquishing membership
18th Misc amendments to accommodate new membership leaflet
xxth Walk report for 1st January


December 2010
Added news item Gawan Vesey bench.
Put link on Home Page to 'next walk'.

May 2010  

17 May Walks 30th May walk cancelled
9 May Walks Added Rickmansworth Lakes walk
7 May Walks Added Bluebell walk photos
3 May Walks Rescheduled bluebell walk


April 2010

8 April Walks Added photos of 7th April walk


March 2010

28 March Home Page Changed photo
28 March Walks Gorehambury and Daffodil walks photos added
20 March Walks Substantial revision
3 March News Added update of golf course village green case
3 March News Added Kidner case high court details


February 2010

14 Feb Walks Added pictures of snowdrop walk
13 Feb Walks Some minor corrections (they are marked where dates have changed)
11 Feb Walks Two ambiguous dates marked as such
7 Feb Walks Walks programme added, some in outline.
1 Feb Walks Feb 14th walk added picnic

January 2010

31 Jan Walks Added 2010 walks photos page and inserted photo
25 Jan People Added Ray Able as co-opted committee member
Jan Walks Two 2010 walks listed
18 Jan. Home Page New picture


November 2009

22 Nov. Path Structures Minor page revisions
22 Nov. Path Structures Background for Defra consultation with Local Access Forums on Structures & DDA

October 2009

24 October Comment Update and simplification of Feedback from the web
4 October Walks Added photos of 4 October walk Wall Hall & Blackbirds

September 2009

20 September Walks Added photos of 20 Sept walk Ebury Way

August 2009

16 August Walks Added photos of Munden/Roundbush walk

June 2009

21 June Walks Added photos of solstice walk

March 2009

27 March News Bryen Wood
17 March Widths Some minor updates
15 March News IPROW comments on landholders' liaison
8 March Walks Correction to sequence of walks (no substantive change)
8 March Law Abatement - the Kidner case
8 March News The Kidner case
8 March Walks Walks programme for year

February 2009

28 February Walks Photos of Feb 2009 walk

January 2009

21 January News Golf course courtesy
21 January   Some housekeeping related to year change to 2009
1 January Walks Photo of Jan 1st 2009 walk


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